Charity Fox has become a leader in the insurance industry. Once a shy introvert, she has conquered her fears, and has put significant effort into making herself known in the insurance industry. Her goal is to help others realize that they are the only ones who define who they can be.


To reach as many people as she possibly can, and to impact as many lives as she possibly can, she has created the ultimate mindset course in getting over your fears and chasing those amazing dreams of yours!


This course will be available for FREE for any agent on her team. If you are not on her team, don't worry, you can still get access to the course!


How it works

It takes 21 days to turn new behaviors into habits. So, starting fall 2023 we will spend 21 days together building up your new habits to reach your goals.

(Start Date Coming Soon)

Once you are registered, you will be emailed our Facebook community page link. This is where you will have access to me. You can post in the group as you like as long as it is related. I will have daily check-ins, 2 pre-recorded videos a week, and one Facebook LIVE a week. The pre-recorded videos will contain homework assignments that we will go over in the LIVE at the end of the week.

What you get

"You are the only one who defines who you can be"

-Charity Fox

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